Beach Bridge

Santa Barbara, California

The Goleta Slough serves as the only access to a local beach in Santa Barbara that hosts more than 1 million visitors per year. Constructing a bridge across this slough—- a tight space in an environmentally sensitive and busy area—- is challenging, to say the least, but with thoughtful planning and careful monitoring, the foundation work for the Goleta Beach Park Bridge will come to a successful conclusion this month.

The foundation of this bridge consists of 15 drilled shafts up to 90 feet deep and 6 feet in diameter. Oscillators were used in conjunction with a Bauer BG40 drilling rig to install the full depth temporary casing required due to the loose beach sands. Space restrictions required that concrete be pumped across the water during the installation of the drilled shafts north of the slough.

The new bridge is scheduled to open in August 2017 and will include two traffic lanes, shoulders, a sidewalk, and a bike lane.

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