Deep Soil Mixing Success – Project Update

Jade Signature Luxury Condominiums – Miami, Florida

Tower construction at The Jade Signature project has risen out of the 33-foot excavation on Sunny Isles Beach. The project is located directly adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, with groundwater almost immediately below the surface. Malcolm utilized Deep Soil Mixing to create both a temporary groundwater cut-off and shoring system. Differential settlement between the highly loaded 57-story tower and the surrounding parking garage led the design team to require completion of the tower before excavation for the surrounding parking garage. Malcolm accommodated this by creating a second shoring system utilizing a gravity wall constructed with unreinforced Soil Mix around the tower footprint. Excavation of the tower was completed in November followed by an eight-foot-thick concrete mat pour.

“Our team has worked well together on this building underway. The unique design solution of using Deep Soil Mixing has worked well for the project,” commented Chris Sammon – Malcolm’s Project Manager.