Deep under your skin

Portland Avenue – Tacoma, Washington

Malcolm was also selected by Hamilton Construction to perform the necessary deep ground improvement work on this major WSDOT project. The scope of ground improvement work includes deep soil mixing, jet grouting, stone columns and permeation grouting and is a direct result of increased seismic design requirements. The first phase of deep soil mixing on the project was recently completed after installing 349 each 7 foot in diameter columns to depths up to 90 feet supporting several abutment structures. Some of the drilled shafts our Seattle group installed, will be surrounded by cellular grids of soil mix columns to improve the seismic lateral response. Other locations required jet grouting up to 90 feet depth or installation under limited headroom with only 15 feet clearance underneath an active highway bridge. We believe, we will see more and more of this type of application in the North West in years to come and are poised with a recently modified equipment fleet to tackle the most challenging ground improvement jobs.

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