Diaphragm Wall at the Beach

Pacifica, California

A Wet Weather Equilization (EQ) Basin is being constructed in the city of Pacifica to mitigate storm-related sanitary sewer overflows. Malcolm is in the early stages of installing a diaphragm wall 500 feet from Pacifica State Beach, for the 2.1-million-gallon-capacity basin that will be used to temporarily store diluted waste water during large storm events. The ground water level at the site is within 4′ of the surface. The finished wall will contain 30,000 square feet of concrete, reach depths of 65 feet, and will be 3 feet thick. A cast-in-place wall constructed in front of the diaphragm wall will complete the foundation for this beachfront EQ Basin.

For more information, please contact Ihab Allam at iallam@malcolmdrilling.com