Flying High

Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah

The $1.8 billion terminal redevelopment of the airport in Salt Lake City will require over 7,000 stone columns ranging in depth from 30 to 45 feet. The stone columns are intended to mitigate static and seismic settlements beneath the new terminal and south concourse. Malcolm’s design-build work is expected to begin in March 2016 and will require more than 400 shifts to complete. Up to four bottom feed stone column units will have to work concurrently to satisfy the accelerated schedule for the work.

Additional shoring and dewatering work includes over 95,000 SF of soldier pile and lagging and 20,000 SF of triple auger soil mix shoring for the proposed 2,500 feet long cut and cover utility/baggage handling tunnel. The shoring will include extensive dewatering and depressurization systems to combat the anticipated artesian pressures and shallow groundwater table.

A project of this magnitude will further solidify the presence of Malcolm’s Ground Improvement Division within the Great Basin.

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