High Up In The Sky

Spanish Peaks Lodge – Big Sky, Montana

For the second time, Malcolm is performing drilling work in high altitude. We are currently constructing a permanent shoring wall for an extension of a skiing lodge. The lodge will receive a two level underground parking garage and needs to blend in the beautiful landscape of Montana. Large wide flange double soldier beams will be placed in 3ft diameter holes drilled into hard sand and siltstone with occasional volcanic tuff layers. Despite the small hole size, rock hardness requires the use of one of our Bauer BG40 top drive drilling machines. Lateral restraint is accomplished by 14in shotcrete lagging and 250kip capacity ground anchors. These anchors are double corrosion protected and are drilled through the center hole pocket on the soldier beams. We are currently in full production and preparing for the incoming winter by dispatching our most ‘weather-proofed’ personnel.

For more information, please contact Rob Small at rsmall@malcolmdrilling.com