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Sports Arenas on the West Coast

Tonight is the Golden State Warriors season opener at the Chase Center. Malcolm was hard at work during the construction of this project, installing 300 Drilled Shafts and 1,000 CFA Mega Piles within only 3 months. We have also installed the foundations…

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Block 185

Austin, Texas

Block 185 is a 37 floor building with 6 basement floors below ground surface which is below groundwater, the project is within 300 feet from the Colorado river which requires a support of excavation that acts as cutoff wall.  Malcolm design-build the support of excavation for the basement by utilizing the structural slurry wall technique, the slurry walls will have multiple functions for the project being the basement walls, the support of excavation allowing excavation to extend 65 feet below grade and approx. 40 feet below ground water level, and also acted as a cutoff wall allowing mass excavation to be performed without major dewatering.
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Hollywood Presbyterian

Hollywood, California

Malcolm Drilling was contracted to design and construct the temporary support of excavation for the basement of the new Acute-Care Services Replacement Hospital Building at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. The design-build system for this new OSHPD structure consisted of 17,000 SF of shoring utilizing soldier beams, timber lagging, tiebacks, and the innovative re-use and retrofit of an existing permanent retaining wall.
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Long Beach Jet Grouting

The new fire boat station at the Port of Long Beach gets some help from our Jet Grouting guys. They are jetting 6ft columns up to 80ft deep right through 35,000 psi rip-rap boulders to mitigate liquefaction and lateral spreading!

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MSG Sphere

Last CFA pile installed for the brand new MSG SPHERE event center in Las Vegas! Watch out for the coolest 'bubble' you have ever seen.

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Malibu Vibe

we started installing stone columns underneath the new science and art lab of the Santa Monica College in California. This will improve the loose, liquefiable soil layers and ensure that future students will have a safe study environment - even…

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Flagler Beach Wall

Flagler Beach, Florida

State Road A1A (SR A1A) is a north-south Florida State Road that runs along the Atlantic Ocean, from Key West at the southern tip of Florida, to Fernandina Beach, just south of Georgia on Amelia Island. It is the main road through most oceanfront towns. This is a major strip of road that runs the entire length of Florida along the Atlantic Ocean, thus it has great importance to the surrounding areas.

In October 2016, a category 4 hurricane, dubbed Matthew, made his appearance with torrential rain, massive storm surges, and winds up to 145 MPH. Matthew hit Haiti, moved past Cuba and the Bahamas, and then destroyed the coastal areas of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Among the cities impacted by Hurricane Matthew was Flagler Beach, Florida.

Flagler Beach is a seaside community along this coastline that was majorly impacted. There are 6 miles of open beaches, many wonderful fishing spots, oceanfront dining, and endless recreational activities- a true beach town. The coastline took a hard hit.

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Gravity Pipeline

Silicon Valley, California

This Airport access shaft project is 1 of 3 for the Silicon Valley Clean Water’s RESCU program (Regional Environmental Sewer Conveyance Upgrade). The project is the first tunneling progressive design-build of this nature in the US. Malcolm has been brought on as a specialist contractor in constructing the walls for the TBM launch shaft. The job will allow 3 times more water flow than the original 45 year old pipeline. The tunnel is 3.3 miles in length, which is the equivalent to almost 59 football fields.

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