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I-94 Landslide Mitigation

When the North Dakota Department of Transportation noticed an asphalt depression along Interstate 94 near Valley City, an inclinometer was installed to measure the slope of the adjacent embankment. The inclinometer measurements revealed that the embankment had moved 1.5 inches…

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Spanish Peaks

Spanish Peaks is a ski resort in the mountain town of Big Sky, Montana, approximately 45 minutes south of Bozeman. The landslide was originally thought to be an ancient and relatively dormant feature, however after installing inclinometers it was quickly…

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Bollenbach Residence

This residential project in Los Angeles involved landslide mitigation work including the installation of over 100,000 square feet of temporary shoring up to 85 feet deep, 150 soldier piles, and over 300 high capacity tiebacks along with significant braced shoring.…

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