Our 5th and Yesler project in Seattle was in an area known as Goat Hill, due to the steep slopes that surrounded the site.  This steep slope condition required that the excavation be executed through a series of benches. Through close coordination with the general contractor and earthwork subcontractors, the shoring and excavation was constructed without incident and 3 weeks ahead of schedule despite encountering hazardous soils and various other site challenges.

Malcolm installed a total of 125 soldier piles with an average depth of 57 feet at an average rate of 10 piles per day. The deeper 80-foot piles were drilled using Malcolm’s Soilmec 825 which is capable of drilling up to 140 feet in its standard configuration (up to 250 feet with longer bars). Shorter piles were installed using the Watson 2500 which has a flexible design that allows for drilling in rough terrain and on steep slopes.