Boca Beach House

Boca Beach House Ground Improvement

Lying directly at the Boca Inlet and on the edge of Lake Boca is the development of the luxury 4-story property. The Boca Beach House project was contracted to Malcolm Drilling for Ground Improvement services. Malcolm Drilling performed soil mixing services to allow for the excavation of the mat foundation below the water table in dry conditions and executed the ground improvement beneath the structure to increase the bearing capacity for a mat foundation underneath. Loose sands and organic material beneath the project footprint necessitated ground improvement to enhance the bearing capacity beneath a structural mat. Further complicating construction was the high groundwater table, which would typically require a major dewatering effort to construct below grade. Malcolm employed large-diameter soil mixing, which transformed the sand into a solid base. This process not only increased the bearing capacity of the soil beneath the structure but also temporarily acted as a water cut-off, allowing for excavation and concrete construction completion in dry conditions. The construction of the shoring walls used a similar soil mixing process combined with wide flange beams. The soil mixing process, performed with large-diameter single-point tooling, effectively improved the sands beneath the mat, enhancing bearing capacity and creating a temporary water cut-off. Malcolm then created the shoring walls by soil mixing the native soil and subsequently wet setting wide flange beams.

Malcolm Drilling