Malcolm’s work on this project required construction of a 91-foot deep soil nail wall within a 7-acre footprint. Dewatering was also required as the excavation reached 46 feet below the existing water table.

To accomplish this work, Malcolm mobilized a BG 36 drill to install 30 deep wells around the perimeter of the site to depths in excess of 130 feet in soils consisting of dense glacial till overlying advance outwash riddled with cobbles. Once the wells were functioning they produced an average of 1500 gallons per minute, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Once the water was effectively drawn down, the wells maintained a steady flow rate of approximately 200 gpm. The effectiveness of the dewatering allowed Malcolm to install a total of 147,000 square feet of shotcrete soil nail shoring. Given the excavation depths, the nails were long and the quantity abundant. Malcolm installed 4,443 soil nails on this project, for a total of 36 miles of soil nailing performed during Bravern shoring operations.