I-94 Landslide Mitigation

Interstate 94 Slope Stabilization

When the North Dakota Department of Transportation noticed an asphalt depression along Interstate 94 near Valley City, they installed an inclinometer to measure the slope of the adjacent embankment. The inclinometer measurements revealed that the embankment had shifted 1.5 inches within a 4-month period. To stabilize the embankment and counteract this movement, the DOT designed a three-tier permanent tie-back anchor solution. Malcolm was contracted to install the 285 anchors (37,500 linear feet) through 10-foot by 10-foot precast concrete blocks along the affected 1,400 linear feet of freeway. Three of the anchors have strain gauges installed, which are connected to a central data collection point, allowing the DOT to monitor strain on the tie-backs and land movement for the foreseeable future.

Malcolm Drilling