State Street

Our State Street project in Indiana was as diversified as any project in terms of multiple shoring systems utilized in efforts to reduce project cost and enhance performance benefits. Permanent cantilever retaining walls up to 24 feet high were utilized for the east property line. The permanent structural shotcrete work was self-performed by Malcolm crews and installed in the top down method. Once completed, Malcolm, with the assistance of rock carving subcontractors installed the architectural boulderscape facing.

The north wall of the project utilized soldier piles to resist the building loads distributed by neighboring structures. Temporary shotcrete was installed between the flanges by Malcolm’s shotcrete crews in lieu of conventional wood lagging. The Venis system was used on the south property line where utilities prevented the installation of soil nails in the upper most portions of the wall. The balance of the project was shored using both permanent and temporary soil nail construction to help minimize project costs.

Malcolm Drilling