Malcolm Drilling was awarded a design build secant pile wall excavation support project which encompassed an 11-acre site that would accommodate The Palazzo-  a 52-story Hotel/Casino/Resort over a 3-level underground parking garage. Shortly after winning the secant piling scope, Malcolm was also awarded the drilled shaft scope which would support the massive structure.

Due to a compressed schedule, Malcolm utilized three of the largest and most modern top drive drill rigs, Bauer BG-40s, for the installation of the secant pile wall working in 3 shifts around the clock. At peak production, Malcolm averaged 7 secant piles per drill rig per shift. Klemm drill rigs were used to install the tiebacks for the secant pile wall. Depending on the site logistics and availability, Malcolm had 1, 2, or 3 crews working on the tiebacks and at peak production, installed up to 25 tiebacks per drill rig.

Malcolm used two Bauer BG 40s to install the drilled shafts, working night shifts for much of this phase to avoid contractor congestion on the jobsite and extreme heat during hot summer days.  Malcolm drilled and placed approximately 1,300 cubic yards of concrete per shift at its peak production, averaging about 500 cubic yards per drill rig, per shift.