Trinity Place

Malcolm’s Six-Level Basement Construction at Trinity Place, San Francisco

Trinity Place is a four-tower, primarily residential development situated at the corner of Market and 8th Street in San Francisco. For this prominent downtown project, Malcolm constructed the six-level basements for both Tower 3 and Tower 4. The work on Tower 4 took place most recently, and Malcolm’s scope included the installation of the perimeter CSM shoring and cut-off wall, 461 tie-down anchors, five levels of internal bracing, and a 6,500-square-foot temporary trestle bridge that served as an efficient and necessary staging area for Malcolm’s 250-ton service crane.

During the excavation of Tower 4’s basement, it ranked as one of the deepest to date in San Francisco, extending 67 feet below grade. Given this depth, extensive bracing was required, ultimately utilizing 3.5 million pounds of steel. Within the six basement levels, the three bottom levels are designated for underground parking, and the top three levels have been reserved for a massive 55,000-square-foot Whole Foods market—the largest one in San Francisco.

Malcolm Drilling