Design Build / Design Assist

Malcolm Drilling excels in delivering Design-Build and Design-Assist solutions across a broad range of construction systems. These encompass deep foundations, earth retention, support of excavation, ground improvement, and dewatering techniques. The company’s extensive understanding of its service range empowers it to strategically combine techniques tailored to suit each project’s unique requirements. This expertise proves invaluable to clients, delivering remarkable results in enhanced quality, cost-effectiveness, and schedule efficiency.

Employing a distinctive collaborative approach, Malcolm ensures that clients experience immediate efficiencies. How? By bringing together key members of the project team early in the process to proactively identify and address key aspects such as cost, constructability, and schedule. This collaborative approach facilitates smooth operations and reduces potential obstacles. Malcolm’s design-build solutions empower the client to leverage our expertise.

Passion for their craft is palpable in the creativity and innovative design and construction methods utilized by our teams. With decades of engineering and geotechnical construction experience, combined with an exceptional project management staff, and cutting-edge equipment, Malcolm brings tailored designs to life to make each project successful.

As industry leaders, Malcolm constantly strives to push the boundaries of best practices and advance the state of the construction industry. A strong internal communication network ensures that knowledge and expertise are shared across all operations, allowing effective execution of all design-build and design-assist projects.

Design-Build and Design-Assist are two different ways Malcolm Drilling Company approaches construction projects outside of the conventional Bid-Build approach. Each approach can drive different value for the Owner, General Contractor, and A&E Firm. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and harness the full potential of your construction endeavors.


In the Design-Build approach, Malcolm takes charge of the engineering for the geotechnical construction elements, collaborating closely with owners them to identify performance criteria and controlling factors for the overall project and these specific components. This includes foundation piles, ground improvement, earth retention, and ground water control. By overseeing both design and construction aspects, owners benefit from Malcolm’s specialized expertise in terms of cost efficiency, schedule adherence, and quality.

In the Design-Build model, Malcolm retains authority of the design and generates a set of construction documents, including plan sheets, specifications, and work plan submittals. Malcolm selects and implements the most suitable technique for each design challenge and requirement. Their invaluable insights on constructability and system performance allow them to prioritize solutions that are tailored to fit each project. Problem solving is integral to Malcolm in a way that may challenge conventional wisdom. The team explores solutions that align with each project’s unique requirements.

A formal Design-Build Protocol policy, crafted by Malcolm involves a rigorous peer review process. Malcolm designs include thorough construction QA/QC programs that includes installation monitoring, testing, materials testing, and document flow.


A Design-Assist delivery method is often an attractive alternative. In the Design-Assist model, the owner’s engineering team retains authority over the design and generation of project documents. However, what sets this approach apart is that Malcolm Drilling is selected early in the project lifecycle. Leveraging its expertise, Malcolm steers the design team towards resources and configurations that are readily available for construction and have a proven track record of delivering high-quality outcomes. The advantage is Malcolm’s extensive knowledge and experience to provide feedback, ensuring the design is comprehensive and efficient to construct.

As the design progresses, Malcolm’s team works closely with the owner’s design and engineering team, engaging in regular reviews. As the contractor, Malcolm’s role is to provide valuable insights on constructability, system performance, and making recommendations to refine and optimize the design for enhanced quality, cost, and schedule savings.

Choosing Malcolm’s design-assist services provides owners with the advantage of collaborative expertise, ensuring project benefit from innovation, experience, and efficiency.

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