Construction dewatering is a crucial process employed in the construction industry to manage and control groundwater levels at a construction site. It involves the removal of excess water from the soil, typically through pumping or other drainage methods. This is often necessary when excavating below the natural water table or when working in areas with high groundwater levels. Dewatering becomes essential to create a dry and stable working environment, facilitating the construction of deep foundations, tunnels, or other below-ground structures. Without proper dewatering, water ingress can lead to increased soil porosity, excavation instability, and a compromised construction site, posing risks to both workers and the integrity of the structures being built.

Dewatering not only provides a safer working environment but also ensures that construction activities can proceed efficiently and on schedule. Some techniques that Malcolm offers are Deep Wells, Vacuum Wellpoints, Recharge Wells, and Eductor Wells. If groundwater is contaminated, they can also provide water treatment as an additional service. By managing groundwater effectively, construction dewatering can play a vital role in ensuring the success of every construction project.


Deep wells are commonly the most efficient and cost-effective dewatering solution, especially in highly permeable soils like sands and gravels…

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A Vacuum wellpoint system is a dewatering setup comprising a wellpoint pump, a vacuum header, and multiple wellpoints connected to it…

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Eductor well systems are most effective for dewatering deep excavations with low water volumes, especially in areas with a less permeable aquifer…

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An Artesian Well is a naturally pressurized well where water rises due to the confinement of groundwater between impermeable layers…

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Water treatment is the process of removing solids, volatile organics, and unwanted substances from groundwater generated during dewatering activities before proper discharge…

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Recharge wells play a role in alleviating the negative impacts of dewatering activities, frequently required during excavation and foundation work…

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