Retention Systems

Malcolm’s comprehensive range of earth retention solutions creates underground space, supports existing buildings, and stabilizes slopes.

The Malcolm portfolio of retention systems allows for safe and efficient excavations that address diverse challenges, including high groundwater, sensitive adjacent structures, as well as noise and vibration constraints. Construction methods offered include efficient temporary shoring solutions such as soil nails or soldier piles and lagging walls. When excavation support needs to combine with groundwater cut-off, wall options include soil mixing, secant piling, or diaphragm walls. These very stiff walls are also regularly employed to limit deformation of nearby structures and facilities.

Malcolm’s experience and specialized resources can select, design, and construct systems tailored to your needs. Every construction project has unique requirements. Site, geotechnical, and groundwater conditions must be evaluated with consideration for schedule, environmental, and physical constraints to select the optimal construction approach for each case. Malcolm’s extensive experience, personnel, and equipment resources allow them to optimize safe and cost-effective retention solutions for every project. The following pages present an overview of the technologies offered and illustrate Malcolm’s expertise.


Diaphragm walls, also known as D-Walls or slurry walls, are a robust retention system consisting of reinforced concrete walls that can be used for temporary or permanent shoring walls to depth of more than 300 feet. Diaphragm walls are formed…

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Secant Piling Construction System Secant piling is a robust, rigid system which can be used to construct combined earth retention and groundwater cut-off walls. The continuous wall is constructed by drilling overlapped concrete piles with diameter typically between 2 and…

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Soil mixed walls are constructed by improving the engineering properties of soil through the injection of cementitious grout and blending the materials in-Situ…

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Soldier pile walls provide a core system for earth retention in both temporary and permanent applications. Structural “soldier” piles are installed from original grade. Then, as the site excavation proceeds in lifts, lagging is placed between the piles to retain…

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Soil nail systems stabilize a section or block of retained ground by installing closely spaced grouted steel rods into the exposed face as the excavation proceeds downward. This approach provides a flexible, cost-effective and efficient earth retention solution…

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Malcolm Drilling slope stabilization expertise is applied to safely and securely reinforce existing unstable slopes and to allow re-grading for development of new facilities. Malcolm's slope stabilization projects employ post-tensioned anchors, stitch piers and dewatering in…

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