Commitment to Safety

For more than 10 consecutive years, Malcolm has received the ADSC-IAFD Safety Award for outstanding achievement in safety. The ADSC-IAFD Safety Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding achievement in the combined field and shop safety efforts of ADSC contractors and Associate Member companies. Visit ADSC-IAFD for more information.

Malcolm has worked hard to obtain the excellent safety program and record they have today. They are committed to constantly working harder to make it even better.

Malcolm has zero tolerance for lost-time accidents and near-miss incidents.

They have implemented a safety program that instills these principles at all levels of management, down to the individual workers in the field. Malcolm empowers every employee to see something and say something, and everyone in the company has stop work authority.

They emphasize the importance of every manager and employee taking an active role in looking out for their fellow employees to ensure they are working safely, in a safe environment, and have the necessary safety equipment to avoid accidents and prevent incidents.

Malcolm has a full-time safety team conducting spot checks of their job sites and facilities. These safety team members provide training classes to ensure that our workforce knows what is involved in providing safe work environments and is familiar with every tool or piece of equipment they will be using in their work.

In addition to safety training, Malcolm works to retain its workforce, believing that there are fewer accidents when each worker is familiar with the worker alongside them and is committed to ensuring that every worker goes home safely every day.

Malcolm supports the Working Platform Safety Consensus (DFI, ADSC-IAFD, PDCA) and the EFFC/DFI Guide to Working Platforms.

Malcolm Drilling