Ground Improvement

Ground Improvement refers to modifying, improving, or stabilizing soil conditions to increase bearing capacity, reduce settlement, and permeability, and/or mitigate liquefaction risk. Methods of ground improvement vary by desired improvement to be achieved and soil conditions. Ground improvement techniques can complement and, at times, replace conventional foundation or shoring elements.

Malcolm’s extensive experience, personnel, and equipment resources allow them to select, design, and construct Ground Improvement systems tailored to your needs. Every construction project has unique requirements. Site, geotechnical, and groundwater conditions must be evaluated with consideration for schedule, environmental, and physical constraints to select the optimal construction approach for each case.

Malcolm’s comprehensive portfolio of techniques includes Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM), Deep Soil Mixing (DSM), Vibro compaction and Vibro replacement methods, Jet Grouting, Rigid Inclusions, Compaction Grouting, and Dynamic Compaction.


Specialty grouting is a ground improvement technique that involves injecting a grout mixture into the soil to improve and enhance its load-bearing capacity.

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Dynamic Compaction consists of using a heavy tamper that is repeatedly raised and dropped from varying heights to impact the ground. The mass of the tampers generally ranges from 10 to 30 Tons, and drop heights range from 40 to…

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Rigid Inclusions, also called Drilled Displacement Columns (DDC), Auger Cast Columns (ACC) or High Modulus Columns are unreinforced grouted columns installed in soft or compressible soils to meet settlement criteria and improve bearing capacity under footings and mat foundations. They…

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Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) was developed from diaphragm wall technology and utilizes two sets of counter rotating, vertically mounted cutter wheels. The wheels cut the surrounding soil while at the same time blending the injected cement slurry with the in…

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Our Single Axis Soil Mixing, typically referred to in the industry as Deep Soil Mixing (DSM), utilizes mechanical mixing tools to shear the soil in-Situ and mix it with a cementitious slurry pumped at low pressure. This method has…

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Vibro Systems employ powerful depth vibrators with internal electric motors to strengthen and solidify soils in place. Vibro Systems apply energy and vibrations directly in the hole, effectively compacting soil even at wider interval...

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Jet grouting is a highly specialized technique used to create an in-situ mass of cemented soil also called soil-cement. A drill rig advances a relatively small diameter (4-8 inches) jet grout tool to the bottom of the proposed treatment zone…

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