50 Calle

Diaphragm Wall Solutions at 50 Calle

A commercial development at 50 Calle included the construction of a four-level underground parking garage. Malcolm designed and constructed the diaphragm wall, optimizing the design to enable the wall to serve the dual function of being a temporary retaining wall for the excavation and a permanent wall for the basement. This resulted in a substantial reduction in the schedule and significant cost savings for the overall project.

The permanent basement walls of the residential building were constructed using the diaphragm wall construction method with reinforced concrete panels. Two levels of tie-backs were installed as the basement excavation progressed, providing temporary support for the basement walls. The diaphragm wall was socketed into the rock to block potential groundwater flow, and temporary tie-backs were put in place to support the basement excavation. Malcolm employed state-of-the-art equipment to excavate the slurry diaphragm wall panels, along with diaphragm wall end stops equipped with embedded water stops at the construction joints. Approximately 28,000 square feet of slurry diaphragm walls were installed, all anchored into the underlying bedrock.

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