706 Mission

At 706 Mission in San Francisco, Malcolm installed a foundation for a Millennium Partners development that included a 47-story mixed-use tower with 146 residential units and a 4-story Mexican Museum. This project site originally had several challenges including a partially-constructed basement and foundation elements from a previously abandoned project, as well as a neighboring historic building that required special attention.

The 510-foot tower structure required a drilled shaft foundation consisting of 33 drilled shafts each 6 feet in diameter, 290 feet deep and anchored in up to 35 feet of bedrock. This foundation required 25 feet of extra depth beyond the neighboring, historic Aronson Building, requiring installation of 40 micropiles around the existing building footings. The Aronson Building is fully integrated with the 706 Mission tower, hosting space for the Mexican Museum on floors two through four and residential or office space on floors five through ten.

Malcolm Drilling