730 Stanyan

730 Stanyan: Design-Build Housing Development

Situated at the gateway of Golden Gate Park, 730 Stanyan is a housing development with 160 units designed for low to moderate-income families. It is nestled at the intersection of the historic Haight Street and the residential Waller Street. Malcolm Drilling, the Design-Build contractor for Earth Retentions, and Ground Improvement, has been carefully crafting plans months before project initiation.

This early involvement set the stage for a seamless integration of their expertise into the project. They were contracted to install soldier piles, shoring, and rigid inclusions – the backbone of the project’s structural integrity.

Malcolm’s design team navigated last-minute changes seamlessly, ensuring every contour of the plan aligned seamlessly with the project. Their swift reactions not only showcased their expertise but also played a pivotal role in expediting the permit approval process.

Malcolm’s field team not only met but exceeded expectations, completing the construction scope of work within an impressive 60% of the allowed schedule duration.

Malcolm Drilling