Adobe's North Tower was designed with deep foundations, retention systems, and dewatering.

The north tower at Adobe’s global headquarters in downtown San Jose consists of a two-level underground parking garage along with an 18-story building. Malcolm Drilling was contracted to install the temporary shoring and dewatering design and installation.
The 35,000 SF temporary shoring wall was installed utilizing the triple auger soil mixing equipment. The excavation averaged 30 feet with the water-table at 14 feet below grade. The shoring wall was comprised of deep soil mixing, steel beams, tiebacks, and internal bracing. Some tiebacks had to be installed well below the water-table and underneath city streets as well as adjacent structures. Malcolm also installed fourteen dewatering wells up to 45 feet deep and 10 depressurization wells up to 75 feet deep to maintain the groundwater level below the excavation. Automated backup pumps, as well as wireless monitoring equipment, were utilized to ensure the dewatering system maintained sufficient drawdown throughout all concrete work.

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