Adrian Science Park

Solutions at MBASP Adrian Science Park: A Deep Dive into Shoring and Dewatering

The MBASP Adrian Science Park project, situated at 210 Adrian in Millbrae, CA, is a 260,000 square ft, 100 ft tall office/research and development building with up to two levels of subterranean parking. The project is located adjacent to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) tracks. Malcolm Drilling took on the role of the Design-Build Shoring and Dewatering Contractor, leveraging its expertise to meet the stringent tolerances set forth by BART. The tolerances included minimal shoring deflections (less than 1 inch) for a 27-foot-deep excavation and maintaining the groundwater level outside the excavation to within 2 feet of the original levels.


Malcolm designed and installed Soil Mixed Walls and two rows of tie-backs for the support of excavation. The shoring design also featured cantilevered shoring across the middle of the site, addressing the area that only required one level of subterranean parking.


Due to its proximity to the San Francisco Bay, groundwater is 7 feet below the existing grade. To control groundwater within the excavation, Malcolm installed deep wells on the inside of the CSM shoring wall. Additionally, 45-ft deep recharge wells were placed on the outside of the excavation to maintain the exterior groundwater level as required by BART

Malcolm Drilling