Building B140

Malcolm Drilling’s Design-Build Renovation of Building B140 for Intuitive Surgical Inc.

Malcolm Drilling was contracted for the renovation of Building B140, a multifaceted design-build project incorporating retention systems, dewatering, and special applications. Intuitive Surgical Inc. (ISI), renowned for its groundbreaking work in robotic-assisted surgical systems aimed at advancing minimally invasive care, contracted Malcolm Drilling for the renovation of Building B140.

Malcolm was assigned the task of designing and installing temporary shoring, underpinning, and a dewatering system essential for the construction of a new elevator and sewer ejector pits as part of ISI’s building renovation. The task presented a unique challenge: mobilizing all drilling equipment and materials down a freight elevator into a confined 17-foot-tall basement.

To ensure structural stability, steel casings were ordered in 5-foot lengths with threaded end connections, and installed three feet apart around the perimeter of the excavation. A continuous cap beam waler was welded to connect the tops of each casing to support and underpin the adjacent structural column footings during the excavation and construction of the 7-foot-deep elevator pits and 12-foot-deep sewer ejector pits. Timber lagging boards were installed between casings during excavation.

Dewatering wells were drilled outside the shoring wall to control groundwater levels and lower the water table. Malcolm also managed the header and discharge piping installation, directing pumped groundwater to a treatment system prior to disposal to guarantee environmental compliance. Malcolm returned to the site once the below-grade concrete structures were finished, carefully removing the cap beam waler and the steel casings that protruded above grade to complete the job.

Malcolm Drilling