Crystal Springs

The Crystal Springs / San Andreas Transmission Project is one of the most ambitious jobs that Malcolm Drilling (MDCI) has ever taken on. This job represented part of the $4.6 Billion Water System Improvement Program that was undertaken by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. MDCI’s scope entailed constructing over 70 piles; though what made this job so unique was that over half of these piles were built over water. Correctly carrying this out required rigorous preparation, innovation, and the utmost attention to detail. Limited access meant that the use of a barge was not an option. Instead, Flexifloats were used to support both the BG40 drill rig, and a 2 meter Leffer Oscillator. In order to control lateral movement, anchors were installed, in water depths up to 120 feet.

Additionally, this project took place in an environmentally sensitive area. Despite all of this, the job was carried out seamlessly, and MDCI once again displayed why it has remained at the forefront of the drilling industry for over 50 years – adaptability and fearlessness.

Malcolm Drilling