Jade Signature

Innovative DSM Solutions at Jade Signature Luxury Condominium

An international team of architects, engineers, and designers collaborated to design “The Jade Signature,” a premier luxury condominium located on the Atlantic Ocean coastline in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. One of the many unique aspects of this project is the three levels of underground parking, a first of its kind in the low-lying coastal areas of South Florida, which are notorious for porous limestone.

A Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) bottom seal plug was required for this project, comprised of overlapping soil mix columns extending to specific design depths below the bottom of the planned building excavation to ensure plug stability. A DSM perimeter wall was installed to act as both support of excavation and hydrostatic cut-off. Heavy, closely spaced steel beams were used to support the wall without requiring internal bracing or tie-backs. An internal, unreinforced DSM wall was installed around the tower footprint, the deepest section of the excavation. After the installation of CFA piles for building support, the site was excavated in a dry condition.

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