Lloyd Block

Lloyd Block Soldier Pile & Tie-back Wall Project

The Lloyd Block development was designed to span three city blocks and includes an existing 17-story concrete building, a new three-story below-grade parking structure spanning the entire site, and new office and condominium towers.

The shoring system for this development incorporated soldier pile walls, temporary tie-backs, pressure-treated lagging, and underpinning piles. Soldier piles were placed along the perimeter of the site in drilled shafts with structural concrete toes and lean concrete backfill. For the underpinning work, temporary tie-backs were drilled through an existing retaining wall from inside the existing parking garage to secure the retaining wall during the demolition of the parking garage. After the garage’s demolition, soldier piles were installed at the base of the retaining wall to enable further excavation for the new three-story parking garage below grade. The remainder of the site was traditionally shored to the bottom of the excavation.

Malcolm Drilling