Madawaska International Bridge

Madawaska International Bridge Replacement

The Madawaska International Bridge, a century-old structure that provides a critical connection between Madawaska, Maine, and Edmundston, New Brunswick, faced replacement due to outdated infrastructure. Securing the project as the specialty drilling contractor, Malcolm Drilling played a crucial role, overcoming challenges like difficult access, diverse geology, and the complexities of an international project during a pandemic.

The project involved installing a new 1,828-foot-long steel girder bridge over the St. John’s River, supported by driven and micropiles. Malcolm Drilling used a Bauer BG40 to install the in-water foundational drilled shafts, permanently cased through the overburden, seated into the bedrock, with rock sockets extending 15 feet below into the bedrock.

Difficult access due to steep slopes required extensive earth-moving efforts and the construction of a ramp. The COVID-19 pandemic added complexity, with US workers facing strict protocols to enter Canada. The project’s success hinged on an elevated work trestle spanning both countries, allowing drilling on the Canadian side without physical entry.

The collaboration between the General Contractor, Malcolm Drilling, and local agencies showcased effective problem-solving and project management, turning extraordinary conditions into a remarkable success.

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