Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum: Malcolm’s Expertise in Transmission Line Installation for Energy Efficiency

As part of Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint, the LASR (Los Angeles Strategic Repositioning) project at the Los Angeles Refinery is focused on boosting energy efficiency and optimizing hydrocarbon stream processing.

Malcolm’s expertise was instrumental in implementing the new Transmission Line system for the LAR Intertie Project. This involved erecting 33 monopole tower structures across 2.7 miles, connecting the Carson/Watson Cogen area to the Wilmington Main Station area, amid various geotechnical challenges.

The foundation work encompassed Drilled Shafts and Cast-In-Steel-Shell (CISS) piles, with diameters ranging from 6.5 to 10 feet and depths up to 100 feet. To support the towering steel monopoles, each foundation was equipped with large anchor bolt cages embedded in concrete, reaching heights of 100 to 180 feet.

Operating within the confines of the refinery posed daily challenges, including tight work areas and restricted ground-bearing pressures. Navigating through the facility was also a major challenge.

For the CISS Pile installation, Malcolm utilized a heavy-duty Leffer Oscillator, customizing inserts to fit varying steel shell diameters. The development of a unique Anchor Bolt Hanging System for the high-precision installation of the anchor bolt assemblies.

To ensure quality, NDT testing of steel shell splices and confined space protocols were implemented.  Critical lift plans were meticulously executed to maneuver equipment over live utilities, emphasizing Malcolm’s commitment to safety and operational excellence.

As a trusted partner in energy solutions, Malcolm continues to provide the highest industry standards, leaving a lasting impact on the landscape of energy infrastructure projects.

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