Oakland UPS

Malcolm Drilling Company Inc. (MDCI) was tasked with providing the foundation support needed for the United Parcel Service (UPS) to introduce sweeping renovations to their Oakland Facility. This included introducing an 87,000 square foot structural steel equipment platform in their Parcel Distribution Facility, constructing 4,000 square foot of office structures, restrooms, and locker rooms, and modifying the employee’s parking site. Using MDCI’s specialty state of the art equipment, and innovative design capabilities, this job was successfully carried out by retrofitting the existing structure with 451 Continuous Flight Augering (CFA) piles. This was completed using MDCI’s Casagrande C6 XP and BG 24H in low overhead configurations to accommodate for overhead conditions as low as 18 ft. Suffice it to say that MDCI’s ability to retrofit the building with these piles in such a compact area without compromising the existing structure saved the UPS millions of dollars.

Malcolm Drilling