Port of Long Beach

Jet Grouting Ensures Firehouse Stability

The Port of Long Beach is one of the busiest and most important ports on the West Coast of the United States. Due to its heavy usage and substantial cargo traffic, ensuring the structural integrity of the port’s facilities is paramount. This project involved the use of unique jet grouting techniques to strengthen the ground underneath the new firehouse for the firefighting crew at the port.

The jet grouting was a complex and challenging undertaking aimed at stabilizing the man-made soils beneath the firehouse, ensuring the long-term safety and functionality of the permanent structure for active firemen.

Extensive geotechnical studies were conducted to assess the soil conditions and the presence of rock layers beneath the firehouse. All jet grouting locations had to be predrilled prior to the start due to large boulders and artificial obstructions.

The project faced challenges related to the difficult ground conditions, environmental considerations, limited workspace, and the need to minimize disruptions to port operations. These were addressed by careful project planning, the use of specialized equipment, and working in phases.

This jet grouting project in the Port of Long Beach stands as a testament to innovative geotechnical engineering and meticulous planning by Malcolm. It has secured the port’s infrastructure, ensuring the continued success as one of the nation’s most vital transportation hubs.

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