Project One

Shoring & Dewatering for Project One Construction

Project One is the first building in the master plan for the development of 22 acres, featuring a mix of residential, office, and retail space. The building will serve as a mixed-use commercial and residential structure, with ground-floor commercial spaces and residential amenities.

Malcolm Drilling was contracted for the dewatering and installation of retention systems. Malcolm began by installing 16 deep dewatering well systems around the project to temporarily lower groundwater levels. Additional customization was incorporated into the dewatering system to facilitate localized groundwater drawdown while adhering to the city’s discharge limitations.

Malcolm also installed shoring for the excavation, using a soldier pile and lagging system with tie-back soil anchors. The soldier piles were installed using the CFA pile method, which reduced costs and shortened the schedule.

The final stages of installing the shoring wall lagging boards required a carefully tuned localized groundwater drawdown from the dewatering well system to enable the shoring work while remaining within the city’s discharge limitations.

Malcolm Drilling