Society Las Olas

Malcolm Drilling’s Expertise in Ground Improvement and Deep Foundations at Society Las Olas

Society Las Olas, a luxurious community in Fort Lauderdale, marks the newest addition to the city’s landscape. Malcolm Drilling was contracted for Ground Improvement, Deep Foundations, and Retention Systems, incorporating techniques like Deep Soil Mixing, CFA Piles, MBEs, and Soil Mix Walls.

Malcolm Drilling addressed excessive groundwater levels by employing over 25,000 square feet of Deep Soil Mixing (DSM), ensuring a stable foundation for the upcoming project. The 42-story structure is supported by 276 CFA piles, including 44 grouped Mega Bearing Elements (MBEs) that span up to 100 feet. The vibration-free installation approach satisfies the project’s strict load requirements within its constrained footprint.

Malcolm Drilling removed nearly 10,000 cubic yards of soil through structural excavation in order to make room for the construction of the underground foundation.

Malcolm Drilling