Treasure Island

Dewatering Treasure Island

Treasure Island, a serene island nestled in the heart of the San Francisco Bay, offers breathtaking views of the cities iconic skyline. It is the chosen location for an ambitious construction project, featuring a 4-6 story residential condominium building comprising around 148 dwelling units and one underground parking level. Malcolm Drilling was entrusted with the crucial task of dewatering the construction site.

Dewatering is a crucial process in construction projects located in areas with high groundwater levels. Dewatering involves the removal of groundwater from the construction site to enable excavation and construction activities to take place in the dry.

Treasure Island’s exceptional beauty and central location in the bay make it an enticing spot for urban development. However, this very location also presents unique challenges for builders. The 400-acre island, which is shaped like a headstone, is entirely man-made.

To carry out the dewatering process successfully, Malcolm used various dewatering techniques. The project comprised a system of 15 external deep wells, each running 45 feet deep, in addition to two interior dewatering wells and two monitoring wells. The wells are essential for drawing groundwater from the soil and allowing construction to proceed without significant delays or safety hazards.

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