Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM)

What is Cutter Soil Mixing?

Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) was developed from diaphragm wall technology and utilizes two sets of counter rotating, vertically mounted cutter wheels. The wheels cut the surrounding soil while at the same time blending the injected cement slurry with the in-Situ soil to form soil cement panels, 1.7 to 5 feet in width.

There are several unique aspects of CSM technology. Most importantly, the CSM system allows for control of the speed and rotational direction of the cutter wheels, with each wheel controlled independently. Instrumentation housed directly inside the cutter head relays the x, y, and z coordinates of the mixing tool in real-time to a computer display inside the operator’s cab. This provides real-time knowledge and assurance of complete overlap between panels to depths of over 130 feet.

Because the hydraulic motor is housed inside the cutter wheels, energy is applied directly at the point of attack and not at the top of the Kelly bar. The wheels can be equipped with rock teeth to allow cutting through difficult soils, including small cobbles, and enables embedment of the panels into bedrock.

The CSM tool cuts vertical rectangular panels making this system ideally suited for constructing long soil mix structures such as retaining walls, permeability barriers, and liquefaction mitigation cells. This tool architecture also allows for placement of reinforcing beams at any point along the length of the panel, optimizing the structural design of the wall.

Benefits of Cutter Soil Mixing

  • Two, vertically mounted, counter rotating heads cut and mix through difficult soils, including stiff plastic clays, gravels, and some cobbles.
  • Builds rectangular panels, making it ideally suited for constructing walls.
  • Instrumentation inside the cutting head monitors the x, y, and z coordinates of the tool in real-time.
  • Cutting and mixing energy generated at the point of attack.
  • Ability to key into the underlying bedrock.
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