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Santa Monica, California

This sustainable, adaptive reuse project will transform a long-abandoned assembly line manufacturing facility (a former Paper Mate pen factory) into a multi-tenant creative workplace. Inspired by the spirit of Southern California and the site’s location – in the middle of Santa Monica’s most creative office community – the renovation will promote an open, casual, and flexible work environment for innovative companies.

Our Southern California district is currently finishing the temporary earth retention system consisting of 345 steel soldier piles and 60,000 sf of timber lagging. The system is supported by 195 temporary tieback anchors and 100 raker braces. This project posed several challenges such as but not limited to low overhead drilling beneath the existing Edison power lines, tiebacks drilled into an abandoned clay mine, and tight access with very difficult logistics. Additionally Malcolm installed 232 low overhead drilled shafts inside the existing factory building. This work was performed with headroom restrictions as low as 10 feet, all while protecting the existing concrete slab and timber roof truss system.

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