200 Park Ave

Malcolm’s Infrastructure Expertise in Shoring and Dewatering at 200 Park Ave, San Jose

200 Park Ave stands as a 19-story tech-oriented office tower, complete with four levels of underground parking, located in the heart of San Jose, California. The services offered by Malcolm include Ground Improvement, Deep Foundations, and Dewatering, featuring Cutter Soil Mixing, Soldier Beams, Tie-backs, CFA Piles, Deep Wells, and Water Treatment. The project was executed in collaboration with Brierley Associates for design-build temporary shoring and in partnership with Middour Consulting for the design and implementation of dewatering and depressurization wells.

Two sets of Bauer BG 42 cutter soil mixing equipment were employed to install a continuous CSM shoring wall, reaching impressive depths of up to 138 feet around the perimeter. Notably, the bottom two rows of tie-backs extended well below the static groundwater table, necessitating the evolution of drilling and grouting techniques to manage varying hydrostatic pressures in the subgrade soils. In total, 253 CFA hold-down piles were expertly installed from the excavation’s base, resulting in the ability to conclude the dewatering program ahead of the full building construction schedule. Recognizing the urgency of the project, Malcolm coordinated the efforts of up to four separate crews working in unison to ensure the project’s successful completion.

The critical aspect of dewatering was expertly managed by Malcolm Drilling. To efficiently dewater the 55-foot-deep excavation, eight deep wells were installed, reaching depths of up to 125 feet, effectively lowering the groundwater table by an impressive 40 feet and depressurizing the deep aquifers beneath San Jose. To meet regulatory requirements, a specialized groundwater treatment system was implemented, utilizing sand, carbon, and clay media to address various contaminants in the groundwater. This ensured compliance with an NPDES permit prior to the responsible discharge into the storm drain.

In alignment with the ambitious excavation schedule, the team at Malcolm managed, pretreated, and disposed of captured groundwater on-site as well as from the wells. Through the application of the cut-off wall shoring method, a commendable flow rate of 30 GPM was achieved in a matter of months, thereby expanding the usable space on the site.

Malcolm Drilling