200 Park Ave is a 19-story building in Downtown San Jose, CA with four levels of underground parking. 

Our scope consisted of a 55 ft deep shoring and cut-off wall by CSM (Cutter Soil Mixing), tie-downs, and dewatering. For CSM, two Bauer BG 42 rigs were mobilized, working 18 hour days installing CSM panels and creating the cut-off wall around the 300 ft x 250 ft perimeter. Due to the expedited schedule of this project, at certain points we had up to 4 separate Malcolm crews deployed to the site and working together towards the successful completion of the project. For Dewatering, we installed 7 wells up to 125 ft deep in order to draw the groundwater table down 40 ft and depressurize the deep aquifers that exist below San Jose for this 55 ft deep excavation. We utilized a groundwater treatment system in order to discharge flows up to 300 GPM.