Forte on Flagler: Deep Soil Mixing and CFA Pile Wall Construction

Forte on Flagler, a magnificent development offering stunning views of West Palm Beach, boasting 41 exquisite residences nestled along the picturesque Intercoastal Waterway and the tranquil Atlantic Ocean. Malcolm Drilling was contracted to employ ground Improvement, deep Foundation and retention systems techniques that included deep soil mixing (DSM), soil mixed walls, CFA piles and support of excavation and pile chipping.

The first phase of the Project involved the installation of the Deep Soil Mixed (DSM) plug and wall which included 1,026 overlapping plug holes each 10 feet thick over 430 columns. Malcolm then installed 284 CFA Piles 81 feet deep and 20 inches in diameter.

Given the proximity to the Intercoastal Waterway, the high-water table, and the planned underground parking structure, a strong impermeable support of excavation was essential to allow for final basement construction to be performed in a dry condition. This process involved excavating the site down to the bottom of the hydrostatic slab, followed by pile chipping and pile cap excavation.